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Cable Advisory Council Member's Wanted

     The Cable Advisory Council is a legally created entity of the State of Connecticut. Its statutory existence is documented in the official Bylaws of the Advisory Council, and exists to carry forth its mission with the CCFA License holder, Charter Communications, and the Designated Community Access Provider in PURA Cable Franchise map area 19.  The Cable Advisory Council additionally delegates one of its members to serve on the Statewide Video Advisory Council.  

The Cable Advisory Council charge is to carry forth the work set in CT law as an extension of the PURA; to be an active partner supporting the designated Community Access Provider programming and operations; and be the Advisory agent for Community Interests in communications with the Cable company about policies, products, & services.

The council is made up of community members that are assigned by local town governments and local boards of education. Typically, each town assigns two members and the board of education assigns one..

     Cable Advisory Council meetings are held at the Charter Communications' local office in Newtown CT bi-monthly.   The council elects officers and meets with Charter's local management team. Charter provides the council with updates on new services, channel lineups, and Community Access Provider usage. Subscribers, who have issues with Charter's services, can write to the advisory council or attend a meeting to address issues that they feel the council and Charter Communications should review.

     Your local Cable Advisory Council and needs your help in finding new members. A number of council seats are open or dormant. Please take some time to make sure your town or school system's needs are adequately represented at the Cable Advisory Council meetings. The Cable Advisory Council is an important resource for the community.  Please contact the chairman for your franchise area's Cable Advisory Council,  if you or your town would like more information on the Cable Advisory Council.

Cable Advisory Council
Charter Communications of Western CT
P.O. Box 87
Newtown, CT 06470


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